Racing Kit

Club Kit is required for racing, but optional for training sessions. We use kit collation with Godfrey’s to make the ordering process easier. Please read below for the lowdown. If you choose to ignore most of below, if nothing else, please please please check the Kit Sizing Guide, before ordering to avoid disappointment…

How to Order

Ordering kit is simple. Just go to the Godfrey’s Club kitpage and place your order in the same manner as you would order at any other time of the year. Make sure you choose to put your order with the Club’s collation. When an order window is open, all orders are automatically collated and processed together once the deadline shown at the top of the club kitpage passes. If you don’t receive a confirmation email shortly after paying, please contact Godfreys, as it is likely your order hasn’t been processed.


Some of the garments (AIOs/Singlets/Splash Jackets) are relatively rowing specific and as such your normal sizing might not be true. If in doubt chat with others in your squad to see how their fit has come out. Generally those with broad shoulders compared to waist may need to size down. Godfreys are very helpful and will be happy to give you advice over the phone.

Leggings are designed to quite long standing conventions for rowing kit – i.e high waisted to avoid the person behind you getting more than they bargained for! When ordering note both waist and leg length, if they don’t align, please order your waist size and state your leg length and they can adjust accordingly. Club Logos are not embroidered normally, but can be added on to leggings for £4.

Price Bands

The main reason behind running an ordering window is to allow everyone to order and pay for their kit individually, but still allowing you to get the group order discounts. However, the website does not recognise that people will have already ordered items, nor can it predict how many items will be ordered in the end. As a result, when you go to checkout, you will notice that any items are subject to the single unit price. Please ignore this, and assume the price you will be charged will be the 2-11 garment price. With any luck, it will come down to the 12+ items price. It all depends on your own clubmates and what kit they order.

Godfrey’s will email you to confirm your order, when you place it and then again to confirm that the order window has ended; included in that 2nd email will be the price you have actually been charged.


Please note, Godfreys do not know the final price of your order when you place it, so they cannot debit your card at that point. Your card will typically be debited 3-7 days after the club deadline for ordering has passed, so please bear this in mind when checking bank statements, etc.


All kit will be delivered to the club in one batch, but make sure you provide a billing address and contact details when you are ordering. A delivery date will be communicated when each window is nearing its end.